Since 1978 PELLETTERIE 2F has been devoted to manufacturing belts 100% Made in Italy , strictly from  Italian leathers and accessories, as well as all-Italian fabrication.

The Company is run on a watchful and professional family basis by the two establishing partners who are extremely passionate about their work and creations and developed PELLETTERIE 2F into being an established and valued partner of some renowned top fashion names too.


The attention paid to details , together with the selection of the best leathers, the continuous style research and study of new designs, the long-achieved craftsmanship and the use of latest technology are what it took to building up the Company successful business where overall quality is a daily goal to be achieved with commitment and skilled work.


Belts included in this catalogue are always in stock, small quantities are welcome.


The use of the finest leathers and luxury accessories, combined with experienced craftsmanship, make L'ABATE ROSSO®   belts unique and exclusive, a perfect balance of design, a tactile emotion.  Perfection, in one word , because perfection lies in the details.